Our SPARTAN18SE 1800kg capacity Powered Drive Pallet Truck, is now in stock, and it’s high capacity along match with its top of class powered 48v motor, and the gradient climbing performance that it delivers, are proving to be very popular.

The SPARTAN18SE is one of a relative few compact powered pallet trucks in the market that has the capacity to handle 1800kg, but most of the other only have a weaker 24v Motor, and they tend to have batteries that are fully enclosed into the unit, make battery changing a more time consuming and laborious task.

However the SPARTAN18SE features:

  • - 1800kg Capacity for handling heavier pallets without having to break them down
  • - Powerful 48v Motor for handling gradients/slops and small bumps
  • - Quick change, no maintaince lithium-ion battery


All this in a compact and affordable package from an award winning company.