Differences Between Powered Pallet Trucks with AC and DC Motors

Since the launch of our Newly revamped www.pallet-trucks.co.uk website, we have had a growing demand for our Powered Pallet Trucks (also known as PPT’s), and so we have sought to increase the range of PPT’s we offer, to include more variety (including PPTs powered by AC Motors as well as those powered by DC motors).

We have also sought to offer better value, and greater capacities, such as the 2t Capacity LTSQR20H Powered Pallet Truck. Please see link below:


Amongst these new additions is the 15EP a 1.5t (1500kg) capacity Powered Pallet Truck with an AC Motor. Currently (on date of this blog – 01/02/2017) just £4450 including UK Mainland delivery, this is one of, if not the best value for money deal you can find for an AC Motored Powered Pallet Truck, anywhere in the UK. This item can be seen via the below link:


But for those not in the Material Handling Industry – this may not instantly mean a great deal to you, so without bombarding you with technical industry jargon, I will briefly explain the differences and advantages of an AC motor, and of a DC motor in a Powered Pallet Truck.

In a nutshell, all Powered Pallet Trucks have a Chassis, under which is a battery and an electrically powered motor. This motor will be either a DC (Direct current) or an AC (Alternating current) motor.
A DC motor contains brushes, which degrade over time and so will need replacing, thus require more maintenance, and have a higher potential for breakdowns/downtime.
However, an AC motor does not require brushes, and so are generally more reliable, thus generally require less maintenance. Also by the nature of the way an AC Motor functions, they tend to offer smoother acceleration and control.

Powered Pallet Trucks with AC motors tend to be more expensive, and so may not be the best choice for everyone, so when is one type recommended over the other?
The answer to this, is that for applications where the use of a Powered Pallet Trucks is relatively light (usage of just an hour or so a day), a lower cost DC motor Powered Pallet Truck may be more suitable.
For applications where the Powered Pallet Truck is used for longer periods, and/or there is a requirement for greater control and smoother acceleration, for example if used in more confined environments (like on the back of a lorry), then a Powered Pallet Truck with an AC Motor may be more suitable.

It is also important to note that working environments where there is a high number of people or valuable goods in the operating area may also be better suited to the use of a Powered Pallet Truck with an AC motor, again because of the greater control and Acceleration that they can offer.

These are just generalisations on the differences between Powered Pallet Trucks with either an AC or DC motor.

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.