is proud to announce that we are now offering Powered Pallet Trucks from two acclaimed global brands: Hyundai and STILL.

Both of these brands have built a reputation for manufacturing high quality products with reliability and durability, clearly being the nucleus of their product development.

This is seen in Hyundai, from the success of their Hyundai motorsport team in the WRC (World Rally Championship); to the popularity of Hyundai Heavy Plant Machinery in the construction industry. Both are arenas where ruggedness, durability and reliability are not just preferred, but essential. These qualities are at the core of the Hyundai brand and so have carried over into their Material Handling Equipment, their 15EP Electric Powered Pallet Truck being a prime example of this. The EP15 has a capacity of 1500kg, and boasts a highly reliable AC Motor, which is resistant to dust, and moisture; and has a tough chassis that features torsion resistant forks. See link below:

STILL is a German brand known in the Material Handling Industry for being synonymous with High Quality build, offering durability and reliability that results in high levels of “up-time” (time where the product is up and running well as opposed to broken down and out of action) for their customers. The STILL ECU-14 is an excellent example of a rugged STILL Powered Pallet Truck that has successfully undergone rigorous Durability testing by the German manufacturer: The use of robust materials in the chassis mean that it can withstand severe impacts without being deformed. The ECU-14 is also compact despite its capacity of 1400kg. These attributes make it an ideal choice for use on Lorries and in other areas where space is limited. See link below:

As you would expect well-known brands typically cost a little more, but the extra value that they offer in terms of their reliability and the added work that this offers to keep your operation running and with less hassle is priceless.