Pallet Dollies – what are they and why would you use them instead of a pallet truck?

As you can see from the below photo, a Pallet Dolly is as the name suggest a dolly for a pallet, they come in various options based on pallet type (Euro or GKN Pallet), and typically of either 500 or 1000kg capacity, and then there is the option to have braked castors or not.


Pallet Dollies


A Pallet Dolly to some extent performs the same basic function as a Pallet Truck (ground level movement of pallets), except that Pallet trucks are able to go into the pallet and lift the palletised load; whereas Pallet Dollies require the palletise load to be placed onto it. This is of course unless the load is made up of smaller lighter items in which case the pallet can be handled onto the pallet dollies and the load then place on top of it.

So if a Pallet Dolly does not do everything that a Pallet Trucks does, then why would you buy one?

This answer to this of course depends upon the requirements of your organisation, for the following applications a Pallet Dolly is can be the best fit:
Limited space applications where you need to be able to make the most of every bit of space available, and there simply is not room to manoeuvre Pallet Trucks. This may be particularly the case on smaller or tightly packed vehicles. Where there is not room to use a pallet truck but the load still needs to be positioned without backbreaking effort to enable a forklift to unload the vehicle.

High efficiency operations where speed is the key to operational success (whilst remaining safe of course). The Pallet Dolly can be stored with the palletised load at ground level ready straight away to be moved into position, without the need for the operator to find or wait for a pallet truck to become available, and of course the need for numerous pallet trucks to be stored.

On top of this a Pallet Dolly is a simpler piece of equipment than a Pallet Truck and so there is less to potential go wrong, and to maintain.

Our Pallet Dollies are high quality British made products and are competitively priced – please see the link below:

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.