Pallet Truck Troubleshooter Guide: 101

This is the first in a series of Pallet Truck fault finding and problem solving

If your pallet truck does not lift/raise try the following:

  • - Ensure the ‘Trigger’ on the handle (this looks a bit like a bike hand brake) is in the correct position for Lifting. This is usually in its lowest positon (thus when it cannot be flicked down any further). Do not use excessive force when doing this. Once down pump the handle to see if the issue is resolved.
  • - If your pallet truck still does not lift, progress to the following procedure without a load on the pallet Truck: Squeeze the ‘Trigger’ and pump the handle 20 time, as though you were lifting a load, this will bleed air out of the pump. Once you have done this release the ‘Trigger’ and place it into its lowest position for Lifting, then pump the handle again.


The vast majority of queries about Pallet Trucks failing to lift are resolved by the above simple, quick and easy procedure.


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