Pallet Truck Troubleshooter Guide: 102

This is the second in a series of Pallet Truck faultfinding and problem solving.

You can see the first in the series via the link below:


In series 101 we discussed issues with the Pallet Trucks not raising; now in series 102 we will look at pallet trucks that do not lower.

We have found this to be the second most common, fault with pallet trucks, and that in the vast majority of case is can be fixed so quickly, and so easily.

There is a chain that runs internally through the tiller arm, from the Release Trigger on the Handle to the Release Valve Lever, and sometimes this may get knocked lose, perhaps in transit, etc.

The bottom of this chain has a nut and bolt, and you simply have to ensure that they are running through groove in the Release Valve Lever, as shown in the picture below:


Troubleshooting Guide


As when handling any Handling Equipment, please ensure that that you first have your own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.




You can view the Pallet Truck Troubleshooter Guide: 101 right HERE.