For best part of a decade, we have been a proud Dealer of Pramac Material Handling Equipment and here’s why:

Pramac are a European Manufacturer of High Quality Material Handling Equipment as well as Generators, with a mission “to offer the best value for money products…”. This is something they have clearly been successful in achieving, as can be seen by their prices on Powered Pallet Trucks and Powered Stackers. See for yourself from the products below - European Quality at affordable prices is possible:

Pramac Powered Pallet CX12 Electric Pallet Truck from £2,188 Delivered. This 1200kg capacity CX12 is compact yet powerful, and ideal in confined environments, not just because of its size but also due to its MOSFET (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) electric control, as it deliverers the flow of power with greater control, which is essential when operating in confined spaces. The MOSFET Control allows for better traction adjustment and a smoother more progressive speed control. This essentially means that there are no surprising jolts in the power delivery, which could be hazardous, especially when in confined spaces with little room for error. Therefore, if you need Power, control and the ability to operate safely in say the back of a lorry of a small, or extensively racked warehouse – then you need a Pramac Powered Pallet LTCX12 Electric Pallet Truck.

Pramac RX10/16 Powered Stacker from £3,040 Delivered. The RX10/16 Pramac Electric Stacker shares in the CX12 ranges compact design but adds the ability to lift palletised good to 1.6m, making it ideal for use unload and loading goods in low level racking. It can also be used an adjustable worktable, allowing workers to pick goods to and from a pallet and racking, whilst maintaining a comfortable pallet height for the individual worker. Thus helping to prevent staff sickness due to back injury.

The RX10/16 is also ergonomic to use and relatively simple to maintain.

Pramac GX Range of Compact Stackers of 1200kg Capacity, from £3,897 Delivered.

For Applications that require greater capacity and Lift Height we offer the Pramac GX Range which has a capacity of 1200kg and a variety of lift heights from 2.5m to 3.5m -

A stand out Product among the GX Range is the GX12/29 Freelift Evo, from £5,187 Delivered.

This unit adds the key benefit of a Free Lift Mast (where the forks travel up the first stage of the mast before the mast itself raises). This makes it the go to Stacker in the range for applications where loads need to be taken from or to a low ceilinged area, such as under mezzanine flooring. Whilst still offering the versatility of the high capacity and lift heights that the GX Range offers.

All prices are plus VAT, and inclusive delivers are for UK Mainland only. As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.