SPARTAN-15L Powered Drive Pallet Truck with 1500kg Capacity is a true Driver’s Mate.

The SPARTAN-15L Powered Drive Pallet Truck, combines an impressive 1500kg Lifting Capacity with compact and ultra-reliable design concepts, to make the movement of loads much easier especially if they are particularly heavy and need to be moved over significant distances, or up slopes.

The reliability of the SPARTAN-15L Powered Drive Pallet Truck in part comes from a focus on targeting key requirements – like providing powered drive to help the operator with the more difficult part of moving heavy loads; whilst using simple and robust mechanical engineering for the lifting of the load. After all a Powered Drive Pallet Truck is an upgrade on using Manual Pallet Trucks, and the pumping of a manual Pallet truck is not the difficult part of using them with heavy loads, but the pushing and pulling of those loads is.

As for Compact design, this comes from making the best possible use of of the space within the “A” Frame, as this is where the Quick-change Lithium battery is held.

The reliable and compact nature of this Powered Drive Pallet Truck makes the SPARTAN-15L ideal for use on Lorries.