Why do I need to buy a Powered Pallet Truck?

Most organisation that have staff pushing or pulling heavy loads may start off with a Manual Pallet truck as they are the most cost effective solution to moving lighter loads. Our Eco3 Pallet Truck is a good example:

Hand Pallet Truck


Even though manual Pallet Trucks typically have a capacity between 2000 – 2500kg, it would be fair to say that most users will not be moving this much weight on a regular basis if at all. Besides which who amongst us can comfortable push or pull such a weight?

A simple reality is that businesses employ people to work for them in exchange for money; a more complicated reality is the requirement for the employer to provide their employees with a Safe working environment. Coming full circle this Safety requirement helps keep staff safe and well so they can keep working for their employer.

The use of Handling Equipment such as Powered Pallet Trucks (Semi-electric and Fully Electric Powered Pallet Trucks) can help with this, but what is the difference between the two main types of Powered Pallet Trucks?

Powered Pallet Truck – Fully Electric Powered Pallet Truck

A Fully Electric Powered Pallet Truck is the most automated type of Pallet Truck with both electric Powered Drive and Lifting and Lowering functions; thus taking the strain off the operator. This option is particularly useful for applications that involve a higher amount of use and/or use over longer distances. Our most competitively price Fully Electric Powered Pallet Truck can be seen via the link below:

Electric Pallet Truck


Powered Pallet Truck - Semi-Electric Pallet Truck 

A Semi-Electric Powered Pallet Truck typically has Powered Drive but Manual Lifting and Lowering functions, this tends to make them cheaper and less complicated than Fully Electric Pallet Trucks, with less that can potentially go wrong mechanically. This is why Semi-Electric Pallet trucks are becoming increasingly popular as these gains make the lack of powered lift (considering that both types of Powered Pallet Trucks do not lift particularly high anyway), a good trade off.

Semi-electric Powered Pallet Trucks also tend to require smaller batteries which themselves are usually cheaper to buy and maintain. Also having smaller batteries can make the overall length of a Semi-Electric Pallet Truck smaller than that of its Fully Electric Pallet Truck equivalent, which makes them easier to turn and use on lorries.

Our most popular Semi-Electric Powered Pallet Truck can be seen via the link below:

Semi-Electric Pallet Truck


The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) provide useful information on issues relating to workers having to push or pull loads, on their website (see links below) and also provide a free download of their:

Risk assessment of pushing and pulling (RAPP) tool 




Generally speaking, to help avoid injury to staff pushing and pulling loads, it is preferable to have them comfortably move the loads without excessive physical effort, therefore you might want to equip your staff with a Powered Pallet Truck to move any load that, could otherwise result in them having to lean into or away from the load - excessive physical effort which could result in injury, and all of the various cost, low morale, and lower productivity implications associated with it.

As with all Manual or Powered Handling Equipment we always recommend that you have your own Health and Safety Risk Assessment carried out by a suitable person(s).