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Posted By Bryan Mattock
April 22, 2019

Genie Lift - GL4

The Genie Lift is probably the ultimate Drivers Mate, as it can be used as a Hand Truck, Dolly and Light Lifter.

It has the strength to lift 227kg, which is more than enough for a lot other the lighter loads used in multi-drop deliveries, or for the tools of a variety of tradespeople, saving multiple carries and lifts into the back of works vans.

What about the weight of the Genie Lift GL4 itself, I hear you say, well this is only 57kg and with the wheels at the top of the GL4’s mast, it can be tilted back and lifted one end, then slid onto the back of your vehicle.

As for its lift height, this is 1.8 meters; so this tops off an impressive package of performance, for a relatively low price on a high quality Genie Product.

Operation is physically and mechanically simple via a hand winch and whilst we recommend that all users are suitably familiarised with its operation, the GL4 does not require an operators licence.

So in summery the Genie Lift GL4 is:

  • - Versatile
  • - Strong yet Lightweight
  • - Easy to use
  • - Relatively inexpensive
  • - Trusted High Quality from Genie


What’s more it’s a great investment for your business, as it can do the work of multiple other products and can potentially reduce the number of staff that you need for jobs.

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted, prior to use.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
March 13, 2019

Here Come the Spartans

The clock is counting down on the Arrival of our New and more powerful, Spartan Fully Electric Pallet Trucks.

See the spec below and watch this space, we are currently expecting the Spartans to be us near the end of May.


Posted By Bryan Mattock
January 14, 2019

Calibrating your CWSC Compact Weigh Scale Pallet Truck


We check that all scales on our CWSC with a known weight before they are despatched.  However it is important for users to know how to do the calibration.

NOTE: This guide is not intended to correct the instructions provided with the CWSC.

NOTE: when using a known weight, don’t forget to bear in mind the additional weight of the pallet it is on.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
November 07, 2018

Pallet Truck Troubleshooter Guide: 102

This is the second in a series of Pallet Truck faultfinding and problem solving.

You can see the first in the series via the link below:


In series 101 we discussed issues with the Pallet Trucks not raising; now in series 102 we will look at pallet trucks that do not lower.

We have found this to be the second most common, fault with pallet trucks, and that in the vast majority of case is can be fixed so quickly, and so easily.

There is a chain that runs internally through the tiller arm, from the Release Trigger on the Handle to the Release Valve Lever, and sometimes this may get knocked lose, perhaps in transit, etc.

The bottom of this chain has a nut and bolt, and you simply have to ensure that they are running through groove in the Release Valve Lever, as shown in the picture below:


Troubleshooting Guide


As when handling any Handling Equipment, please ensure that that you first have your own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.




You can view the Pallet Truck Troubleshooter Guide: 101 right HERE.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
October 30, 2018

Quick Start guide to using our CWSC Weight Indicator Pallet Truck.

NOTE:  This is a short guide based upon our own knowledge and experience of using the CWSC Weight Indicator Pallet Truck; and is not intended to replace of correct any information in the guide itself (see guide attached).

Zeroing/resetting/calibrating the CWSC Weight Indicator Pallet Truck

Firstly, you need to zero/calibrate the scale, this needs to be done on a level surface with the pallet truck raised to a level where the spirit level (see side of pallet truck) is central.
If the scale does not read 0, then it may display a minus figure; if this is the case, simply press the button labelled “Zero/Reset”, for approx. 5-10 seconds or until the display reads “0”.
Lastly check the accuracy of the scale by using a known weight.

Bear in mind that the CWSC is a Weight Indicator Pallet Truck (thus it gives an indication of weight with an approx. 20kg degree of accuracy, and goes up/down in increments of 5kg); unlike one of the highly accurate scales that we have in our range (see link below).

Using the CWSC Weight Indicator Pallet Truck

1. Firstly make sure that the Scale has already been calibrated (see above)
2. For improved accuracy only measure weights when the pallet truck is on a level surface, even then only take weights once the Spirit level bubble is central (see side of pallet truck)
3. As much as possible have loads central on the Pallet Truck forks
4. Turn the Scale on by pressing the “ON” button, and see the display show the weight (keep pallet truck and load still whilst weighing)
5. Ensure that nothing else is pushing down on the load being weighed (eg the operators foot – we have seen this happen)
6. Remember to take into account any additional weight on an expected load, for example Pallet and Packaging

IMPORTANT NOTE:  As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted, prior to use.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
August 08, 2018

There is a well-known saying in the Warehousing, and forklift industry “You Pay for down there. Up there is Free.”

This becomes more poignant when you consider increasing Warehouse site costs; and so more of our customers are coming to us to see if we can provide a Lifting Equipment solution that will enable them to plan for the enhancement of their warehouse: adding more Racking and going up to great heights to capitalise on that “Free Space”.

This type of application presents a particular set of requirements as the customer wants to make the most out of the ground space that they are already paying for whilst capitalising on the free space above

Therefore, they need Lifting Equipment that is as compact as possible; whilst being able to lift high enough to reach high Racking, and have suitably high capacity to lift goods to increased heights.

So what ticks these boxes without costing the large sums of money required for a Reach truck or Articulated Forklift?

The answer is of course the Counterbalance Stacker; and as an added bonus it is a simpler piece of equipment to maintain than the more expensive alternatives, and one which does not require the Operator to have a licence to operate (however they must have suitable familiarisation with the lifting equipment used).*

*As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.

Our LTIBC Range of Counter Balance Stackers is a popular solution for such applications; of course you need to check the specifications to ensure suitability for your particular application or simply give us a call on 03333 207 208 for some guidance.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
July 19, 2018

Recently we have seen an increase in the demand for Powered Pallet Trucks with Quick Change Batteries to enable customers’ operations to keep moving, and delivering optimal productivity.

Our T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck, and Spartan Powered Drive Pallet Truck – 1150x540mm, 1500KG Capacity; are excellent examples of high quality Electric Pallet Trucks that meet this requirement.


T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck

T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck


Spartan Powered Drive Pallet Truck

Spartan Powered Drive Pallet Truck


However, when these units are being used on vehicles to aid drivers fulfil their deliveries there is a potential downfall and that is that even with a spare battery, you still need to ensure that staff have the discipline and forethought to charge the batteries, or you Driver could end on with two flat batteries. An option that circumvents this is the LTCX12 Electric Pallet Truck, which is still compact enough to use on the back of Lorries but also has the option of on Vehicle Charging, via an On-Board Battery Charging Kit (Inverter).

If you are in need of some advice on which option best fits your application, then give us a call on Freephone: 03333 207208.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
June 05, 2018

SPARTAN-15L Powered Drive Pallet Truck with 1500kg Capacity is a true Driver’s Mate.

The SPARTAN-15L Powered Drive Pallet Truck, combines an impressive 1500kg Lifting Capacity with compact and ultra-reliable design concepts, to make the movement of loads much easier especially if they are particularly heavy and need to be moved over significant distances, or up slopes.

The reliability of the SPARTAN-15L Powered Drive Pallet Truck in part comes from a focus on targeting key requirements – like providing powered drive to help the operator with the more difficult part of moving heavy loads; whilst using simple and robust mechanical engineering for the lifting of the load. After all a Powered Drive Pallet Truck is an upgrade on using Manual Pallet Trucks, and the pumping of a manual Pallet truck is not the difficult part of using them with heavy loads, but the pushing and pulling of those loads is.

As for Compact design, this comes from making the best possible use of of the space within the “A” Frame, as this is where the Quick-change Lithium battery is held.

The reliable and compact nature of this Powered Drive Pallet Truck makes the SPARTAN-15L ideal for use on Lorries.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
March 01, 2018

Pallet Dollies – what are they and why would you use them instead of a pallet truck?

As you can see from the below photo, a Pallet Dolly is as the name suggest a dolly for a pallet, they come in various options based on pallet type (Euro or GKN Pallet), and typically of either 500 or 1000kg capacity, and then there is the option to have braked castors or not.


Pallet Dollies


A Pallet Dolly to some extent performs the same basic function as a Pallet Truck (ground level movement of pallets), except that Pallet trucks are able to go into the pallet and lift the palletised load; whereas Pallet Dollies require the palletise load to be placed onto it. This is of course unless the load is made up of smaller lighter items in which case the pallet can be handled onto the pallet dollies and the load then place on top of it.

So if a Pallet Dolly does not do everything that a Pallet Trucks does, then why would you buy one?

This answer to this of course depends upon the requirements of your organisation, for the following applications a Pallet Dolly is can be the best fit:
Limited space applications where you need to be able to make the most of every bit of space available, and there simply is not room to manoeuvre Pallet Trucks. This may be particularly the case on smaller or tightly packed vehicles. Where there is not room to use a pallet truck but the load still needs to be positioned without backbreaking effort to enable a forklift to unload the vehicle.

High efficiency operations where speed is the key to operational success (whilst remaining safe of course). The Pallet Dolly can be stored with the palletised load at ground level ready straight away to be moved into position, without the need for the operator to find or wait for a pallet truck to become available, and of course the need for numerous pallet trucks to be stored.

On top of this a Pallet Dolly is a simpler piece of equipment than a Pallet Truck and so there is less to potential go wrong, and to maintain.

Our Pallet Dollies are high quality British made products and are competitively priced – please see the link below:

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
February 05, 2018

It is not often that we use our blog to promote a Special offer, but this one is so good, we just had to tell you all. January, has come and gone – did we give our customers a price increase as many others often do at the beginning of the year? No, instead for February we have decided to give our customers a price decrease on two of our most popular Powered Pallet Trucks.



and also...




If you have any questions give us a call on 03333 207208.

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.

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