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Posted By Bryan Mattock
September 11, 2017

Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

Typically, Pallet Trucks are intended for use in smooth, even surfaced warehouses, and so for those in the agricultural and construction industries, the “typical” Pallet Truck, simply does not cut it.  So if you have a rough terrain Pallet Handling problem, then maybe you would like to consider - the Pallet-trucks Team.  Our Rough Terrain Pallet Trucks come in capacities from 500 – 1500KG, and have large Off Road Wheels, so when the Terrain gets tough, our Rough Terrain Pallet Truck gets going. For more information check out the link below, (you’d be a Crazy Fool not to):

Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
August 11, 2017

Weigh scale pallet trucks provide a quick cost effective means of weighing palletised loads, one that through its mobility and dual use as a pallet truck offers a flexible and versatile addition to your Manual Handling assets.

We have an extensive range and are often asked “which is the best one” – the answer is that it very much depends upon the requirements of the user.

The thing to bear in mind when selecting the right Weigh Scale Pallet Truck for you application is that, with Weigh Scale Pallet Trucks you pay for accuracy. So if you really need a high degree of accuracy then you have to be prepared to pay more; however if all you need is an indication of the loads weight, say for example to check a weight given by a supplier.

For example our CWSC is our best priced unit and is ideal for those that only need an indication of their pallet loads weight:

However, if you require greater accuracy to say obtain an accurate measurement of a high value item, then one of our Weighscale Pallet Trucks with a greater degree of accuracy, like our LTWPT:

When assessing the accuracy of a weighscale pallet truck, you need to be mindful that the steps that the scale goes up in is not the same as the Degree of accuracy, for example a pallet trucks with a scale that goes up in 5kg increments is not necessarily accurate to within 5kg. Therefore, it is important not to confuse the two.

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
June 05, 2017

When selecting a Powered Pallet Truck it is important to consider the environment and terrain that, it will be required to operate in. A point of key consideration is any gradients that the Powered Pallet Truck will have to handle.

Fortunately, for those of us, for whom Trigonometry and Pythagoras Theorem is a long distant School memory, there is a very easy way to work out the Gradient that you have on your site, which the powered equipment is required to handle. See the method and example below:

Slope percentage is calculated in much the same way as the gradient. Convert the rise and run to the same units and then divide the rise by the run. Multiply this number by 100 and you have the percentage slope. For instance, 3" rise divided by 36" run = .083 x 100 = an 8.3% slope.

So now you know the Percentage of the slope that you need a powered pallet truck to traverse, now you need to select a Powered Pallet Truck that can handle your slope.

To do this you simple need to take a look at the specifications of Powered Pallet Trucks that are of interest. Do note that Powered Pallet trucks with motors powerful enough to handle steeper slopes tend to be more expensive, so if you do have a steep slope, you have to be realistic and select the appropriate item that is capable of doing the job required.

The part of the specification sheet that you would find the Gradient of slope that the Powered Pallet Truck can handle is generally found under the “Performance” Section. See example below of our LTQX18 Electric Pallet Truck

Note that on this Spec sheet the term used for the Gradient Percentage relevant to the Powered Pallet Truck is “Max gradeability” and that there are two Percentage figures for this the “Max gradeability laden” (the slope that the Powered Pallet Truck can handle with a load within its Capacity) and “Max gradeability unladen” (the slope that the Powered Pallet Truck can handle without carrying a load).


If you are looking for a Powered Pallet truck that can handle more of a gradient that most of its rivals then it is recommended that that you consider our LTQX18 Electric Pallet Truck, see the link below for more details:

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
May 02, 2017

For best part of a decade, we have been a proud Dealer of Pramac Material Handling Equipment and here’s why:

Pramac are a European Manufacturer of High Quality Material Handling Equipment as well as Generators, with a mission “to offer the best value for money products…”. This is something they have clearly been successful in achieving, as can be seen by their prices on Powered Pallet Trucks and Powered Stackers. See for yourself from the products below - European Quality at affordable prices is possible:

Pramac Powered Pallet CX12 Electric Pallet Truck from £2,188 Delivered. This 1200kg capacity CX12 is compact yet powerful, and ideal in confined environments, not just because of its size but also due to its MOSFET (metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor) electric control, as it deliverers the flow of power with greater control, which is essential when operating in confined spaces. The MOSFET Control allows for better traction adjustment and a smoother more progressive speed control. This essentially means that there are no surprising jolts in the power delivery, which could be hazardous, especially when in confined spaces with little room for error. Therefore, if you need Power, control and the ability to operate safely in say the back of a lorry of a small, or extensively racked warehouse – then you need a Pramac Powered Pallet LTCX12 Electric Pallet Truck.

Pramac RX10/16 Powered Stacker from £3,040 Delivered. The RX10/16 Pramac Electric Stacker shares in the CX12 ranges compact design but adds the ability to lift palletised good to 1.6m, making it ideal for use unload and loading goods in low level racking. It can also be used an adjustable worktable, allowing workers to pick goods to and from a pallet and racking, whilst maintaining a comfortable pallet height for the individual worker. Thus helping to prevent staff sickness due to back injury.

The RX10/16 is also ergonomic to use and relatively simple to maintain.

Pramac GX Range of Compact Stackers of 1200kg Capacity, from £3,897 Delivered.

For Applications that require greater capacity and Lift Height we offer the Pramac GX Range which has a capacity of 1200kg and a variety of lift heights from 2.5m to 3.5m -

A stand out Product among the GX Range is the GX12/29 Freelift Evo, from £5,187 Delivered.

This unit adds the key benefit of a Free Lift Mast (where the forks travel up the first stage of the mast before the mast itself raises). This makes it the go to Stacker in the range for applications where loads need to be taken from or to a low ceilinged area, such as under mezzanine flooring. Whilst still offering the versatility of the high capacity and lift heights that the GX Range offers.

All prices are plus VAT, and inclusive delivers are for UK Mainland only. As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted. 

Posted By Bryan Mattock
April 03, 2017

Keep on Pallet Trucking!

Get excellent Value for Money by getting as much use as you could need out of your Powered Pallet Truck.

Our high quality T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck offers this, through its quick charging time and the option to purchase spare quick-change batteries at low cost. This takes away the down time associated with battery charging as you can always have a battery charged before the one in the Powered Pallet Truck runs out.

So how quick, can a quick charge battery, charge?

Answer: The batteries of the T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck can charge in just 2.5 hours, and each charged battery can last up to 3 hours, making it possible to use the T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck, 24/7. Furthermore changing the batteries over can be done quicker, than changing the batteries in a TV remote, and is just as easy to do.

See details of this product via the link below:

This ability to keep your pallet truck in a ready state; is vital for applications where you have shifts throughout the day, and applications where not having a charged Powered Pallet Truck can cause costly delays.

The tight turning radius (just 1350mm), compact size, yet 1200kg capacity of the T20-12EZ Full Electric Pallet Truck make it the ideal companion for Lorries and other areas where space is limited.

If getting outstanding value for money on you Powered Pallet Truck purchase is your goal then give us a call on Freephone: 03333 207208, or simply place your order securely online, via the above link.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
March 01, 2017 is proud to announce that we are now offering Powered Pallet Trucks from two acclaimed global brands: Hyundai and STILL.

Both of these brands have built a reputation for manufacturing high quality products with reliability and durability, clearly being the nucleus of their product development.

This is seen in Hyundai, from the success of their Hyundai motorsport team in the WRC (World Rally Championship); to the popularity of Hyundai Heavy Plant Machinery in the construction industry. Both are arenas where ruggedness, durability and reliability are not just preferred, but essential. These qualities are at the core of the Hyundai brand and so have carried over into their Material Handling Equipment, their 15EP Electric Powered Pallet Truck being a prime example of this. The EP15 has a capacity of 1500kg, and boasts a highly reliable AC Motor, which is resistant to dust, and moisture; and has a tough chassis that features torsion resistant forks. See link below:

STILL is a German brand known in the Material Handling Industry for being synonymous with High Quality build, offering durability and reliability that results in high levels of “up-time” (time where the product is up and running well as opposed to broken down and out of action) for their customers. The STILL ECU-14 is an excellent example of a rugged STILL Powered Pallet Truck that has successfully undergone rigorous Durability testing by the German manufacturer: The use of robust materials in the chassis mean that it can withstand severe impacts without being deformed. The ECU-14 is also compact despite its capacity of 1400kg. These attributes make it an ideal choice for use on Lorries and in other areas where space is limited. See link below:

As you would expect well-known brands typically cost a little more, but the extra value that they offer in terms of their reliability and the added work that this offers to keep your operation running and with less hassle is priceless.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
February 01, 2017

Differences Between Powered Pallet Trucks with AC and DC Motors

Since the launch of our Newly revamped website, we have had a growing demand for our Powered Pallet Trucks (also known as PPT’s), and so we have sought to increase the range of PPT’s we offer, to include more variety (including PPTs powered by AC Motors as well as those powered by DC motors).

We have also sought to offer better value, and greater capacities, such as the 2t Capacity LTSQR20H Powered Pallet Truck. Please see link below:

Amongst these new additions is the 15EP a 1.5t (1500kg) capacity Powered Pallet Truck with an AC Motor. Currently (on date of this blog – 01/02/2017) just £4450 including UK Mainland delivery, this is one of, if not the best value for money deal you can find for an AC Motored Powered Pallet Truck, anywhere in the UK. This item can be seen via the below link:

But for those not in the Material Handling Industry – this may not instantly mean a great deal to you, so without bombarding you with technical industry jargon, I will briefly explain the differences and advantages of an AC motor, and of a DC motor in a Powered Pallet Truck.

In a nutshell, all Powered Pallet Trucks have a Chassis, under which is a battery and an electrically powered motor. This motor will be either a DC (Direct current) or an AC (Alternating current) motor.
A DC motor contains brushes, which degrade over time and so will need replacing, thus require more maintenance, and have a higher potential for breakdowns/downtime.
However, an AC motor does not require brushes, and so are generally more reliable, thus generally require less maintenance. Also by the nature of the way an AC Motor functions, they tend to offer smoother acceleration and control.

Powered Pallet Trucks with AC motors tend to be more expensive, and so may not be the best choice for everyone, so when is one type recommended over the other?
The answer to this, is that for applications where the use of a Powered Pallet Trucks is relatively light (usage of just an hour or so a day), a lower cost DC motor Powered Pallet Truck may be more suitable.
For applications where the Powered Pallet Truck is used for longer periods, and/or there is a requirement for greater control and smoother acceleration, for example if used in more confined environments (like on the back of a lorry), then a Powered Pallet Truck with an AC Motor may be more suitable.

It is also important to note that working environments where there is a high number of people or valuable goods in the operating area may also be better suited to the use of a Powered Pallet Truck with an AC motor, again because of the greater control and Acceleration that they can offer.

These are just generalisations on the differences between Powered Pallet Trucks with either an AC or DC motor.

As with all Material Handling Equipment we would always recommend that all organisations have their own Health & Safety Risk Assessment conducted.

Posted By Bryan Mattock
November 18, 2016

Why do I need to buy a Powered Pallet Truck?

Most organisation that have staff pushing or pulling heavy loads may start off with a Manual Pallet truck as they are the most cost effective solution to moving lighter loads. Our Eco3 Pallet Truck is a good example:

Hand Pallet Truck

Even though manual Pallet Trucks typically have a capacity between 2000 – 2500kg, it would be fair to say that most users will not be moving this much weight on a regular basis if at all. Besides which who amongst us can comfortable push or pull such a weight?

A simple reality is that businesses employ people to work for them in exchange for money; a more complicated reality is the requirement for the employer to provide their employees with a Safe working environment. Coming full circle this Safety requirement helps keep staff safe and well so they can keep working for their employer.

The use of Handling Equipment such as Powered Pallet Trucks (Semi-electric and Fully Electric Powered Pallet Trucks) can help with this, but what is the difference between the two main types of Powered Pallet Trucks?

Powered Pallet Truck – Fully Electric Powered Pallet Truck

A Fully Electric Powered Pallet Truck is the most automated type of Pallet Truck with both electric Powered Drive and Lifting and Lowering functions; thus taking the strain off the operator. This option is particularly useful for applications that involve a higher amount of use and/or use over longer distances. Our most competitively price Fully Electric Powered Pallet Truck can be seen via the link below:

Electric Pallet Truck 

Powered Pallet Truck - Semi-Electric Pallet Truck 

A Semi-Electric Powered Pallet Truck typically has Powered Drive but Manual Lifting and Lowering functions, this tends to make them cheaper and less complicated than Fully Electric Pallet Trucks, with less that can potentially go wrong mechanically. This is why Semi-Electric Pallet trucks are becoming increasingly popular as these gains make the lack of powered lift (considering that both types of Powered Pallet Trucks do not lift particularly high anyway), a good trade off.

Semi-electric Powered Pallet Trucks also tend to require smaller batteries which themselves are usually cheaper to buy and maintain. Also having smaller batteries can make the overall length of a Semi-Electric Pallet Truck smaller than that of its Fully Electric Pallet Truck equivalent, which makes them easier to turn and use on lorries.

Our most popular Semi-Electric Powered Pallet Truck can be seen via the link below:

Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) provide useful information on issues relating to workers having to push or pull loads, on their website (see links below) and also provide a free download of their:

Risk assessment of pushing and pulling (RAPP) tool


Generally speaking, to help avoid injury to staff pushing and pulling loads, it is preferable to have them comfortably move the loads without excessive physical effort, therefore you might want to equip your staff with a Powered Pallet Truck to move any load that, could otherwise result in them having to lean into or away from the load - excessive physical effort which could result in injury, and all of the various cost, low morale, and lower productivity implications associated with it.

As with all Manual or Powered Handling Equipment we always recommend that you have your own Health and Safety Risk Assessment carried out by a suitable person(s). 

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